The team, as displayed on the credits page.

A complete list of all staff is provided on the Credits page in game and under the Member List once you click Forum Team .

Forum Staff Identification

How to spot a staff member- each staff member based on what group they're apart of will have a different color for their username.

Administration: green italicized font

Moderators: pink font.

Game Operators: red font.

Forum Moderators: bluegreen font.

Chat Moderators: purple font.

Current Staff Members

Administrators: Wuggles, Mrn, Quil

Moderators: Wee, (Grovyle), Wezelkrozum, Morris

Game Operators: Goud, Nomack, drumbum14, Oooops x, halfsquat13, MaxDemian, Auron, Voidcraft, Seamantis, Sukiru Ikeda, wesley.p

Forum Moderators: Eeveelution, Goud, Misty Moo, Meekers

Chat Moderators: drumbum14, Voidcraft, Kraaken, susha

Former Staff

Previous members of staff can also be viewed on the credit's page in addition to when they started their moderation duties until they retired.

Those who have either left the team, or were removed for (for example) inactivity are: freezer geezer, pepsihenk, Bakuya, Zen, detanator, Warprince, Delicatessy, Starla, Bright~Eyes, GodessLuna