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Route 503

Route 503 is north of Treebranch Town . The Lakeside is located north of this route.

Average Pokémon Level: 14

Dig Spot: No

Pokémon Found on Route 503

Name Type
Beautifly Bug/Flying
Budew Grass/Poison
Kricketot Bug
Nincada Bug/Ground
Pidgeotto Normal/Flying
Ralts Psychic
Taillow Normal/Flying
Whismur Normal

Trainers on Route 503

Trainer Pokemon
Youngster Phillip


Quest name Description Reward
The Taillow Research Hey, I'm a researcher, and my current research is on Taillows. Everyday, I catch one and compare it to others to look if they have changed a bit. But today, I'm a bit busy with the research documents, so I haven't got the time to catch one. Could you catch me one today?
  • 3 TP
  • Ω300
  • 1 Pokeball
Matt's Story

Part of a Quest Given by Matt