Route 502

Route 502

Route 502 (Japanese: ルート502) is a route in North Region, linking Treebranch Town to Memorial City . Route 502 is a short forested path, leading the player with an S-like curve around small bodies of trees.


Trainer Pokemon
Aroma Lady Karen
Lass Dora


Quest Name Task Reward

Running Out

Hey, im running out of Poké balls but dont want to go back to Memorial city to buy new ones. Could u run back and get me some? I'll pay more than they cost in shop.

  • 3 TP
  • Ω500

Trainer Tips

Route 502 is the perfect place for starting trainers! There they have the lowest-leveled Pokemon in all of Omega.

Pokémon Found on Route 502
Name Type
Budew Grass/Poison
Butterfree Bug/Flying
Lotad Water/Grass
Oddish Grass


Seedot Grass


Spearow Normal/Flying
Starly Normal/Flying