Quil: An Administrator


There is very little known about Quil. He started developing Pokémon Omega since the beginning even though the logs for the forums dates that he started on Decemeber 26th 2010 and since more recent times has not been seen. Questions about Quil were endless... Some people know, but Wuggles does not want the story to be spread too much.

The statue at the middle of Memorial City is said to be Quil along side a Mareep and a Cyndaquil; suggesting that Mareep and Cyndaquil are pokemon he likes. Quil is the first person registered to the forums and this is the only place that mentions him, besides the credits and the homepage. He also has the highest amount of Reputation to date, even though that is mostly because (Grovyle) gave him +1337 well earned reps.