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About Pokémon Omega

Pokémon Omega is a free online Pokémon game, where you can explore the world, hunt for wild Pokémon, raise a team and much more. It has been (and still is in the process of being) developed by Quil, Wuggles, (Grovyle) and Mrn since 4th June 2009. It's still under construction, so while you're playing the game, every now and often there will be new locations, new Pokémon and new features for you to make it even more fun.[1]

It has a custom region, custom maps (over 200) and tries to stick as close to the games as possible, though there will be some different features. This includes that it works with IVs, they have their own custom EV system. There's also a great rarity system that actually makes trading fun and worth your time! But what really makes it awesome are the community and the competition!

First Video

This is the first-ever made video for Omega, from the older days of Pokémon Omega:
Pokémon Omega Béta - RPG

Pokémon Omega Béta - RPG

(This video is out-dated. Pokemon Omega as since been updated in several ways)


Later on, a newer video trailer was made for Omega, using more a professional tool and techniques.
Pokémon Omega - Trailer 1-0

Pokémon Omega - Trailer 1-0