Your box allows you store any pokemon you catch, and likewise the game, it can hold 30 pokemon to a page. You can access your box by hovering over the "Trainer Place" tab and clicking the "Box" option. There box consists of the main section which displays the pokemon, and three methods of organiztion.
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The Box


The search function allows for greater control over which pokemon appear in the main section of your box.
Box - Search


Ordering allows the user to choose how to list the pokemon, from their name to their nature.

Box - Ordering

Ordering how consist of:

  • Species
  • Name
  • Type
  • Level
  • Appearence
  • Date Caught
  • Nature
  • Mark

Ordering how consist of:

  • Ascending
  • Descending


Viewkey allows easy exchange of boxes to see what other people have. It is a mixture of numbers and letters that you can send or receive to see what other people's boxes contain.