Mrn: An Admin

A contributing admin (used to be a former moderator) since the beginning of Pokemon Omega. He is known for the more recent sprite and map changes to the site such as the Battle mansion and Niko's Shop, since he does most of Omega's artwork.

He has a sprite version of himself and his favorite pokemon on his profile in addition to some of his own personal achievements like getting his Rotom to level 100.

Extra Tidbits

Mrn has an appearance in Eeveelution's story - My Ralt's Story as the prime reason that him and his friend go on an adventure.

There was an experience event for Mrn's birthday based on how many people went to the Experience page, it gained the community a 50% experience bonus for a short time.

It is known that Mrn's favourite Pokemon are Dunsparce, Shuckle (shown in the photo alongside with him) and Mawile (not shown in the picture).

It is known that his Rotom was the first Rotom (given out at the first Halloween Event) to reach level 100