Screenshot 10

Part of the Lakeside maps.

Dig Spot: Yes.

The Rock Climb spot to the north of the map grants passage to Noordlake Forest, and from there Noordlake Cave.

Poke'mon Found in Lakeside 5
Poke'mon Land Water Type
Maril Yes Yes Water
Lotad Yes Yes Grass / Water
Bidoof Yes No Normal
Yanma Yes No Flying / Bug
Bellsprout Yes No Grass / Poison
Barboach No Yes Ground / Water
Poliwag No Yes Water
Goldeen No Yes Water
Remoraid No Yes Water
Magicarp No Yes Water
Digglet Through Dig No Ground
Dugtrio Through Dig No Ground
Dunsparce Through Dig No Normal / Flying
Drilbur Through Dig No Ground