Groudon, the Continent Pokemon.  It had been asleep in underground magma ever since it fiercely fought KYOGRE long ago.

Type(s): Ground

Map Location(s):  Antarak Volcano

Evolutionary Line:  Groudon



In order to catch Groudon, you must first have 20,000 Trainer Points and complete the following quests:

  • First Aid
  • Shattered Red

Level when first met: Lvl 50

Moves when first met:

  • Rest (heal, 5 PP) Power: heal
  • Earthquake (ground type, 5 PP) Power: 100 + STAB = 150
  • Ancientpower (ground type, 5 PP) Power: 60 + STAB = 90
  • Eruption (fire type, 5 PP) Power: 150 times current HP divided by max HP. Plus half(STAB)

Groudon is also recommended for Battle mansion his suggested moveset is the following

  • Earthquake
  • Eruption/Fireblast
  • Rockslide/Dragon Claw
  • Brick Break/Dragon Claw


  • Only use eruption if your groudon has a high special attack
  • Suggested natures are lonely, adamant, and naughty
  • Groudon is also considered an OverPowered pokemon
  • You only have one chance to battle Groudon, so be well prepared when trying to capture it