Auron's overworld sprite

Auron is a Game Operator. He gets his name based on the character "Auron" from Final Fantasy X. He started playing PO when a friend of his suggested the game to him. Auron immediately enjoyed the game. He quickly climbed the ranks and acheived rank #1 on April 1, 2011 (it is not an April Fool). He met several people when he joined the original "Psycho Psyduck" clan (the clan has been brought back after the original was disbanded, now under new leadership), such as Eeveelution and Bakuya, who he is now friends with outside the game. At one point, Auron stopped playing PO, and it was questionable if he would ever return. After a month or so, he finally did. Auron now splits his time between playing the game and his new Game OP duties. He enjoys helping out the PO community by removing those who try to make the game less enjoyable for others.