Brinehaven City (Japanese: 塩っぱいシーサイドシティ Salty Seaside City), is a sprawling metropolis located in South Region. It is the largest city in the Omega World, in contrast to Memorial City, which is the heart of business and economy in the entire region. Brinehaven City serves heart of leisure and entertainment.

Brinehaven City is quite well-known for its unique five-storied Poké Mart, which claims to have a full collection of goodies for Pokémon Trainers. It is one of the largest buildings in the entire Region, making it easy to locate and find.

The Great Eastern Bridge , The Great Southern Bridge, along with Brinehaven City Harbor, are connected to Brinehaven City, while Zweilberg's Lab is just down Route 539.

Unlike other main cities and towns, Brinehaven City has two Poké Centers and Marts. Of all four buildings, only one has followed the traditional design of bricks and tiles.

Brinehaven City's location, which is near the ocean, adds effect of a rather romantic city. It is similiar to Paris.  Brinehaven City also serves hometown to the famous painter Morian, and the proclaimed Yellow-Hair Crew.

Places of Interest

Main Poké Mart

The main Poké Mart of Brinehaven City is located near the city's harbor. Setting the city's Poké Mart apart from others is the store's roof; which, instead of the usual blue tiles, is an aerial  battle field. Two trees stand as a guard of honor to the entrance. A schoolboy standing near the Poké Mart will quote the player on his dream is one day to become as strong as a Conkeldurr.

Morian's House

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Morian is a Frenchman artist who lives with his girlfriend, whom he apparently met while vacationing in Bluehill City. She appears to have deep romantic feelings for him. While conversationing with her, she notes that it is 'nice to have an artist for a boyfriend', and that she 'really likes his paintings'.

Main Poké Center

The main Poké Center of Brinehaven City is built almost directly across Morian's House. It is in the same area as the second Poké Mart. Unlike other Poké Centers, it is two-storied and built in a unique foreign style.

Brinehaven City Harbor

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The harbor stands at the top edge of Brinehaven City. Five workers are seen standing there. A quest given by a certain worker will ask you to defeat two of his colleagues, on which he has been unable to do himself.

Parked near the harbor is a luxury cruise; After asking a girl who lives in the city, she notes that she can see a humongous island beyond .


Brinehaven City holds the population of 126, topping Memorial City, who's population solidly stands on 123. This number secures Brinehaven City's as the largest city in known existence.

Brinehaven City
An island of prosperity
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